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KIK: Headspin22 - This boy caught me at the right time and right day! For soever reason I was amazingly lascivious whilst I was working my aged job! *Side bar - This video is months old... I like the flick but was made my damn phone went dead and cut out the jism discharged... Ugh! In Any Case... This Man had been beating me up for a valuable min and I not at any time paid it any attention... Oh but this fellow got me when I was in need and it was on! I gave him off the hook instructions... I think they were let off ur address, have ur door unlocked, be on the ottoman bare, and if course the celebrated line nearly any of you slurped like what?! He-He! DONT SHOWER! The next msg that stud replied had his phone , address, gate code, and this chab said me this chab would be willing with the door unlocked! ,-) I was like damn... That kinda turnt me up... Idk y... But it did! I clocked out got in my car! As I was pulling up to the stop sign down the street from my job I began striping! ,-) Drove to dudes abode gazoo out! And it was like a 25 min ride! It was a Sunday mornin likewise! Everyone was still sleep or gettin willing for church... I Pulled up parked... His parking spot was directly in front of his place... I was like thats even more good! I got out the car and had to strike a Rhinana ! All I want to witness you in is just skin! Haha! All I had was my phone and keys! I opened his door and ghe was on the daybed salami stiff and willing! ,-) I set my phone up... We didnt even speak... I just said him to put that towel on his face and I went at it! Referring back to the hook up manual for 1 of my dedicated fans... Thats how a hook up is supposed to go... Dont nobody want to witness yo bulls eye entirely dressed to hook up... And you got on shoes... wtf you got on boots for in the abode!!!! Ugh! In Any Case... Like I told, my phone did go dead... YOU can hear it about to die making these noises! If you noticed I embarked tryin to hurry up and pull his sack out! Rotfl! Didnt jizm out in time! :-( But I truly loved his trunk that day... This Dude has a rock stiff curve, but a strenuous spear coz I was tossing his pecker down my face hole... Some boys wouldve punked out and been like ur bruising me! Haha! Parent was a champion and took it like 1! I was impressed! I even sat on his knob... I think just to acquire my ball sack as I milked off! So long agone I dont remember... I know this boy attempted to smash me and I declined! I did have a joy this session! And we did converse after! He-He! I mean this wasnt our 1 st time rencounter... But it had been years! Buy in any case... HAVE A Joy THIS VID! LUV MY FANS!

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