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BoysFirstTime Movie: Doing Ryan

Ryan invited Zach over to hangout. They were conversing about gals and how they can be prudes and therefore cause them to have blue balls. And no one luvs blue balls. So Ryan thought hed attempt to convince Zach to dork around with each other so they could get off---screw chicks, Ryan thought, and not literally. And to Ryans surprise, Zach was downright down to get down with Ryan. And before you can say heterosexual school guy dick---Zach is thrusting his pulsating boner deep inwards Ryans impatient backside

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Draining until someone pays attention

Marcus pulled over his car and began tugging on the road. He was jacking in the middle of that road when 2 dudes transferred and watching he is having so much fun, theyve smooched in front of him. Soon Marcus had his share of enjoy when this single man stopped and embarked to fellate him.

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